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Superior-PHS Application Videos


20-Station Kitting and Batch Counting Line
This featured video showcases a 20-Station Kitting and Batch Counting line for products 3" to 30" wide into a tunnel/wrapper. The complete line was 80-ft long.

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Integrating with Wrappers/Sealers, Banders, Strappers, and more Batch Counting Systems: Off line and Near Line
One Shot Feeding Collating & Kitting Lines
Print, Labeling, Reading, and Verification Configurations Wide Format: products greater than 12" wide
Feeding by Product Type Specialty Applications

Maxim RX™ Feeder Series videos

Maxim RX-12d On Demand, One Shot Friction Feeder
RX-12bc Batch Counting Feeder
 RX-12BT System batch counting 50-counts of 8.5 x 5.5" access cards  RXSD-2 System counting & collating 20-counts of 5 x 5" envelopes  RXSD-1 System counting & stacking 10-count of 5 x 7" envelopes
 RX-12BT System counting various sized card stock and chip board      
Maxim RX-12bc Friction Feeder
RX-12d One Shot and Continuous Feeder 
 RX-12d performing various one shot applications  RX-12d feeding continuous for ink-jet printing onto collection conveyor  RX-12d one shot and continuous overview
 RX-12d one shot feeding 8.5 x 11" sheets 2, 3, & 4 Station RX Collator, collating catering literature   RX-12d feeding envelopes one shot into flighted conveyor RX-12d feeding folded instructions one shot into flighted conveyor 
RX-12c Continuous Friction Feeder
RX-12c Continuous Friction Feeder
 RX-12c feeding round coasters onto vacuum base  RX-12c feeding envelopes onto vacuum base and collection conveyor  
RX-9s Staging/Inserter Feeder
RX-9s Staging / Inserter Feeder

Integrating with Wrappers/Sealers, Banders, Strappers, and More

RXSD-2 System counting & collating 20-counts of 5 x 5" envelopes
BD-1 Batch Counting system into bander
BD-2 Batch Counting system into L-Bar

11-station XM-12 with SD droppers batching envelopes

XM-12 with BD Dropper counting saddle stitched booklets
XM-12 Ultra™ with dropper counting tax forms
Bundle stacking onto collection conveyor

BD-3 Batch Counting system

XM-12hs with BD Dropper and Flighted Covneyor batch counting envelopes
Inline banding system
Read and selectively collate cards and envelopes

Inline Batch Counting System
BD System with Retractable Dropper
  Victory BD Dropper applications  
Victory Dropper styles for automated batch counting

BD-1 Batch Counting various envelopes

Bundle stacking onto lugged conveyor

Batch Counting Systems: Off Line and Near Line

XM-12hs with Bulk Loader batch counting saddle stitched booklets onto stacking conveyor XM-1 batch counting plastic cards onto collection conveyor XM-12 Ultra™ batch counting brochures onto collection conveyor
Variable counting with barcorde reader

XM-12BT Recognizing QR codes to perform variable envelope counts

Various counting solutions for a variety of products

Superior-PHS batch counting applications
XM-BT System for off-line batch counting of various products

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