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Superior-PHS is the fastest growing
provider of friction feeding, batch counting, and integrated
transport and collation systems on the market. Read more

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7150 Boone Ave N.
Suite 130
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428
O: 763-546-9140



Experience a Superior Product Line

Whether you're looking to purchase your first feeder or expand your line to a fully automated system, we want to help you make that happen. The Superior product line is completely modular and easily integrates to most new and existing processes. No other competitor can offer you the most robust, high-performing product lines to the most economical system solutions on the market!

"We gladly challenge our competitors head-to-head to deliver a more quality, robust, high-performing product at a better value than Superior-PHS." Have a unique application in mind? Contact us and we'll be happy to work through a solution that's right for you. Download Superior-PHS Line Card

Xtreme XM-12 Ultra Servo Feeder XM-BT Semi-Automated Batch Count System BD-1 with 6' Champion Flighted Conveyor
Friction Feeders
Shop the widest selection of most robust and advanced to the most economical solutions, and everything in between!
Turnkey Counting Systems
Automated Counting, Inline Batching, and Bundle Stacking solutions
Champion Conveyors
Flighted/Lugged, Bulk/Auto Loaders, and Transfer Stations
Victory SD Dropper 6-Station RX Collator
Victory Batch Droppers
Batch count, bundle stack, and accumulate.
Batch Counting, Collating, and Kitting
Simple-to-complex collating, kitting, and batch counting systems.
Turnkey and Integrated Systems
Jogging Systems, Integrated Transports,
and more

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