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Superior-PHS is the fastest growing
provider of friction feeding, batch counting, and integrated
transport and collation systems on the market. Read more

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7150 Boone Ave N.
Suite 130
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428
O: 763-546-9140



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Superior Paper Handling Solutions, Inc.

Get More for Less with Superior-PHS! We set priority on ingenuity and inventiveness in an otherwise stagnant fulfillment industry. While others are playing catch-up, we are constantly moving forward to improve our customer’s bottom line and continually define state-of-the-art in the industry. We challenge our competitors to deliver a more robust, high-performing product at a better value than Superior-PHS. Which is why we pose the question: WHY WOULD YOU GO ANYWHERE ELSE?

In 2005, Superior-PHS started as "two guys in a garage" building automated solutions for print, mail, and packaging professionals. Despite combating a struggling economic environment, Superior-PHS has grown to be the world's fastest growing provider of friction feeding, batch counting, integrated transport and collation systems on the market.

Superior has the unique advantage to have specialized knowledge of all industry brands and equipment including friction feeders, wrappers and tunnels, banders, tabbers, ink-jet printers, bindery equipment, mailing equipment, inserts, collating and kitting systems, and so much more. Superior-PHS is a "One-Stop-Shop" for a vast resource of industry knowledge and the product selection to offer simple solutions up to fully automated and integrated systems.

The company's continued growth and success is credited to the goal of providing industry professionals a product line that is far superior to the competition at an exceptional value. Robust, modular, and easy-to-use product features combined with industry expert knowledge make Superior-PHS the obvious choice for all sized companies.

Team Superior

"Be the best; work with the best!"

The foundation of Superior-PHS was built by industry expert professionals with 20+ years of experience behind each. Positions in customer relations, engineering, product development and customer service came together from industry leading companies to start Superior-PHS with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.

Our passion is to find industry professionals cost-effective solutions for increasing profits through efficient and productive automated systems. "We're not here to sell equipment; we're here to find customers' solutions," SPHS President. Whether you're the local print shop or Fortune 100 company, we look forward to providing you with an economical solution for increasing your productivity through automation.

A Superior Product Line

"Our equipment is designed with versatile, robust, modular, and simple-to-operate features in the blueprints."

Since inception, Superior-PHS has produced several product lines including Xtreme XM Series Friction Feeders, the CHAMPION line of Conveyors, Victory Droppers and Bundle Stackers, BD and Batch Count Systems, and XC Collation Systems. We offer a variety of standard system setups for ink-jet printing, barcode and quality control inspection systems, batch counting and accumulating, wrapping, strapping, and banding systems, and much more. The Superior product line is completely modular and can be integrated to most new and existing system processes.



The team Superior has working for them is outstanding. [We] currently have 72 Superior feeders. I am very happy with the product, service, and support from [their] team." Operations, MINNESOTA


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