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7150 Boone Ave N.
Suite 130
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428
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Maxim RX-12bc Batch Counting Friction Feeder

You wanted it and it's finally here! A batch counting solution at a remarkably low, low price!

The New Maxim RX-12bc Batch Counting Friction Feeder, by Superior-PHS, is the first ever in it's class to provide Patented state-of-the-art design, function, and dependability at the lowest cost on the market!
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RX-12bc is an on-demand Batch Count feeder with two photocells. One photocell to stage and count pieces at the discharge nose of the feeder, and one photocell to be mounted to host equipment to trigger the feeder to feed one or more pieces. Unit comes standard with adjustable discharge which is recommended for on-demand Batch Count feeding for inline or 90 degree setups. Back to Maxim RX Series
Starting at: $4,450

This feeder mode is typically used for dispensing individual products into other automated systems, one or more pieces at a time, and on-demand from the host system. Feeder can also run in Continuous mode. In this operating mode it is typically used in-line with flat belt or vacuum conveyors for inkjet printing, labeling, tabbing, laser printing, etc.

See the RX-12bc video collection below:


RX-12bt batch counting systemShown Right: add the New Batch Tray II for table top batch counting. The New Batch Tray II versatile design allows the tray to flip up for inline batch counting without completely removing the tray. Standard Options: Batch Tray II for near line batch counting, Victory Batch Droppers, Double Detect, and Adjustable Mounting Stand

Specifications:Maxim RX-12bc rear
Product Sizes: 2"W x 3"L - 12"W x 12"L (Optional lengths available)
Batch Count: up to 9999 pieces
Footprint Dimensions:
12.75"W x 24"L x 22"H
37 lbs. (16.8 kg)
100 ft/min to 400 ft/min
Product Stack Height:
up to 16"
Product Thickness: .004" - .375"
Utilities Requirement:
115 vac - 3A - 50/60Hz

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