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7150 Boone Ave N.
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Brooklyn Park, MN 55428
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BD-6 Batch Drop System with SD Droppers 

Batch Count Collating Systems

BD-2 with stand alone XM-1Fully Automated Counting and Stacking System

BD Systems (Batch Drop) are fully automated to count, stack and deliver your paper and related products to finishing system such as wrappers, tunnels, L-bar sealers, banders, and more. Each feeder/dropper station along the conveyor line is designed to count and stack product. BD-1Add a stand alone XM-1 feeder for top sheet or backer card placement. Shown left: BD-2 with stand alone XM-1. Right: BD-1

BD Systems Brochure

Reference System Configuration Chart Below

The system includes a CHAMPION Fighted Conveyor with versatile and modular features that allow you to easily integrate to your existing system processes. Adding multiple feeder/dropper stations is ideal for batch counting one or more unique sets simultaneously, or breaking up a large count set with multiple feeders.
Shown bottom left: BD System with 20" wide feeders and RD Dropper. Shown bottom right: BD-8 with SD Droppers.

BD SystemBD-8

(standard) Xtreme XM High-Speed Feeder, Victory BD or SD Dropper with stand, Adjustable Mounting Stand, Pivot Mount Assembly, and Trigger Photo Sensor
Product Sizes: (standard) 4"W x 4"L - 12"W x 12"L (Other sizes available. See XM-20u and XM-30u for product up to 20" and 30" wide, respectively.)
Product Stack Height: 20"
Accumulation Thickness: up to 2"
Utilities Requirement: Feeders - 115 vac - 6A - 60Hz. Dropper - 115 vac - 2A 60Hz - 80psi compressed air. Collator base - 115vac - 10A - 6Hz.

Comes standard with Bombay Dropper (BD) or Shutter Dropper (SD) option. Retractable Dropper (RD shown at top) is available. See Dropper page for comparisons.

System Configurations
Stations Xtreme
Victory BD or
SD Dropper
BD-1  1 1 6-ft
BD-2 2 2 8-ft
BD-3 3 3 10-ft
BD-4 4 4 12-ft

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